Elevation Fitness for iPad

Elevation changes the game for health & wellness professionals by providing the latest in client management, fitness data tracking, and exercise planning - all from a single iPad application.

Manage your clients

Elevation provides a one-stop destination for managing your clients and tracking their performance over time.

Assign and track workout performance

Drop your clipboard. Assign workouts to your clients ahead of time and let them enter their own performance data OR build workouts on-the-fly during a session, tracking performance in real time. Elevation was designed to keep performance tracking simple, and minimize data-entry chores.

Track your data

Exercises and workouts – You’ve got a vast amount of exercise & fitness knowledge and client activity data. We’ve have the only system that you will need to easily organize and manage it all, including a robust library of exercises and template workouts.

Help your clients achieve their goals

Hold your clients and yourself accountable through configurable, measurable body and performance goals.